Does ChipWerke void my warranty?

ChipWerke is a next generation stealth plug-in performance solution which, if removed before service, cannot be detected by car dealers. This is because it will not overwrite your vehicle’s original software and will not leave a footprint after removal.

Does ChipWerke harm my engine?

No, ChipWerke is tuned to work with your engine. It provides you with access to the engine’s originally engineered potential; before the manufacturer imposed performance limitations on it for general public appeal.

What is the lowest and highest mileage I can use with ChipWerke?

Your car’s mileage does not affect ChipWerke’s ability to deliver greater engine performance. You can use ChipWerke at any mileage. As long as the vehicle and engine are well maintained, our digital technology is unaffected.

Can I use my old ChipWerke unit in a new vehicle?

Yes. If your new vehicle has the same injection system as your previous vehicle, you can simply transfer your unit over. If there are significant differences between your vehicles, however, you may need a new cable harness or software update. You can purchase a cable harness from us, and we can also reprogram your ChipWerke unit for your new vehicle. For more detailed compatibility information, please contact us at our email: info@chipwerke.com

Is ChipWerke detectable by manufacturer and dealer service garages?

No. ChipWerke is not detectable. After the removal of ChipWerke, the vehicle is returned to its original manufacturer’s settings. No hardware or software changes are made in the vehicle, and ChipWerke does not leave a trace footprint, protecting your warranty.

Can I save fuel with ChipWerke? How does it work?

Customers reported an increase of up to 15% more MPG. Due to the significantly increased torque in the lower RPM range, it’s possible to upshift to the next gear early, which reduces fuel consumption. Fuel economy also depends greatly on your driving behavior and the motor characteristics of the vehicle.

Will the ChipWerke chip cause my car to fail emissions testing or negatively affect my emissions?

No, ChipWerke will not affect your emissions or cause you to fail any emissions testing. Chipwerke will pass even in areas with very high emissions standards.

How can I modify the performance on ChipWerke?

We deliver ChipWerke with a basic setting appropriate for your vehicle. With this basic setting, you achieve a power improvement of approximately 18-35%. This is the perfect compromise between fuel saving and power improvement. There is no fixed setting value for the maximum setting as the power input can vary from vehicle to vehicle, even if the engines are the same. Refer to the installation manual for fine tuning. For further requests, please contact us at our email: info@chipwerke.com.

Why does my vehicle computer show error messages (CEL), and why does my vehicle switch to the emergency program (limp mode)?

Due to manufacturer-determined serial tolerances, the power output of ChipWerke might be too high. However, you can easily correct it yourself by adjusting the rotary control switch in just a few steps.

How much HP or Torque will the ChipWerke give me?

We offer a 30% increase in HP and TQ with our ChipWerke modules.

Will the ChipWerke put my vehicle into limp mode?

As long as the ChipWerke is still on the settings we shipped it out in, you won't have any issues with boost or limp mode.

We've noticed a few people that have tried to turn the settings all the way up for the most power gains, and the vehicle’s safety parameter kicks in and puts the vehicle into limp mode to avoid damage.


How would I know if I need Stage 1 or Stage 2?

Stage 1 is for stock vehicles or with minor upgrades (intake, exhaust, etc).

Stage 2 is recommended for vehicles with upgraded forced induction components (smaller pulley, bigger turbo, etc.).

Can I adjust the dials?

We set the dials customized to your vehicle before we ship it out. There shouldn't be any reason to adjust them. Anything higher or lower may put your vehicle outside the OEM safety parameters and throw an error message (CEL).

What tools do I need to install my ChipWerke performance chip?

You do not need any special tools to install your unit. The unit ships to you with the necessary attachments for installation in the engine compartment.

Where should I secure my ChipWerke unit in my engine compartment?

Once installed, your ChipWerke should be secured somewhere that won’t interfere with any of your vehicle’s moving parts. The ChipWerke harness should not be tied with the fuel injector harness or the ABS harness because they carry out a high-frequency signal. The unit also should not be placed near parts that expose intense heat.