5 Things You Need to Know About Chipwerke

1. It won’t void your warranty
Chipwerke doesn’t “flag” your ECU, so your dealership will never know it was there. Remove the chip and replace it with the grey plug we included with your wiring harness. After service, put the chip back. The harness stays in the car the whole time, it’s that easy!
2. You can install it yourself
The Chipwerke system completely plugs and play and doesn’t need tools for most applications. The OEM plugs go into the boost sensors in your engine bay and take a total of 3-5 minutes. You’ll spend more time reading these directions than you will be trying to install it!
3. It comes with a 2-year product warranty
Along with our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, you get full tech support if you ever need help with your Chipwerke. We’re so confident about our product, we’ll even cover replacements for 2 years if necessary.
4. It won’t alter smog or emissions
Since we’re located in California, we know the struggle of worrying about passing smog and emissions testing. Luckily, Chipwerke isn’t an issue! You don’t even need to worry about check-engine lights. The simplicity of the device is one of the best things about it!
5. Chipwerke will upgrade with you!
Install a smaller pulley? Bigger turbo? Upgraded your intercooler? Great! We can reprogram your Chipwerke into multiple stages, so it’s making the power added with your upgrades as effective as possible. Contact us for more information.