Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Engine

Get Up to 40% More HP

Get More Power from Your Turbo or Supercharged Engine
  • ChipWerke is a plug and play system, installed by customer in minutes
  • ChipWerke uses original OEM plugs, no wire splicing, cutting or drilling
  • ChipWerke can be adjusted in power level by user
  • ChipWerke runs custom software on an actual microchip inside the module. Developed for each engine type and model
  • And instantly get up to 40% More Horse Power

Not Void Warranty!

Easy Installation and Removal

  • ChipWerke is a next generation stealth plug-in performance solution which cannot be detected by car dealers
  • ChipWerke will not overwrite your vehicle’s original software
  • ChipWerke leaves no traces at all
  • ChipWerke can easily be removed before service appointments
  • ChipWerke stays with you after vehicle service appointments. Legacy ECU chip tuning (software flash) can be erased by car dealer due to software updates

Enjoy Greater Torque

Get More Torque

The increase in engine torque will also help the engine achieve more efficiency. Lower gears will be utilized when towing big loads for example and this is attributed to higher power output. This simply means that engine will work less hard with more load. High torque also translates to a smoother drive because the engine power is not affected despite changes in the transmission. Smoother transmission will also result in more fuel efficiency.

  • ChipWerke settings change according to each individual vehicle: diesel, gasoline, supercharged, turbo, transmission (automatic or manual), and your neighborhood fuel quality, etc. They all affect programming (Map) therefore dial settings.
  • Dial 1 (Power): it raises the map on program, so you will get more boost or fuel pressure depending on your connections.
  • Dial 2 (Rpm): it determines when the chip tuning programs end (for example: When sensor voltages reach 1.2v to 5v, depending on settings, it will not add any more power. In another words, it will determine your power band on RPM. You can carry power between 1500 rpm to 8000 rpm according to vehicles.
  • Dial 2 is not always active (determined by program; for example: Audi 3.0 TFSI car’s program does not activate dial 2, so turning dial 2 will not affect anything)
  • On each dial, 8 is the beginning (minimum), 7 is the end (maximum), but it does not mean that you can turn up your settings all the way up to 7. ChipWerke does not bypass your vehicle’s security parameters. If you turn up the dial more than Factory Settings, you may get CEL (check engine light) and limited power because of vehicle’s ECU security parameters. That means ChipWerke cannot damage your engine so you are safe.




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