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ChipWerke Dealer Affiliate Program

ChipWerke is a plug and play system, installed by customer in minutes
ChipWerke uses original OEM plugs, no wire splicing, cutting or drilling
ChipWerke can be adjusted in power level by user
ChipWerke runs custom software on an actual microchip inside the module. Developed for each engine type and model
And instantly get up to 40% More Horse Power

ChipWerke is a next generation stealth plug-in performance solution which cannot be detected by car dealers
ChipWerke will not overwrite your vehicle’s original software
ChipWerke leaves no traces at all
ChipWerke can easily be removed before service appointments
ChipWerke stays with you after vehicle service appointments. Legacy ECU chip tuning (software flash) can be erased by car dealer due to software updates

ChipWerke Comes with OEM Harneses & Plugs and Installation Takes Just 5 minutes…

  • Easy plug-and-play installation enable you use reserwed power in your engine

  • Customizable settings to work with: Turbo,supercharged Gasoline and Diesel Engines

  • improves HP and Torque instantly 

  • Doesn’t void manufacturer warranty,doesn’t leaves any foot print in the system after removal 


Beginner Dealer 20% off

$239/ piecesingle order

  • Pre-programmed Unit

  • Technical support
  • Drop Shipping
  • Shared Social Media Marketing
  • MAP List $449.99*

Standard Dealer 35%

$195/ piece10 PCS BUY

  • 10 Pre-Programmed Units

  • Technical Support
  • Drop Shipping
  • Shared Social Media Marketing
  • MAP List $449.99*

50 Pre-Programmed Units~Technical Support~Drop Shipping~Shared Social Media Marketing~Programming Cable~Programming software~Training~MAP List $449.99*


*Minimum Advertised Price Not to Exceed Below $449.99

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